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The complete HITMAN Trilogy is coming to Game Pass

Ahead of HITMAN 3’s second year on the market, IO Interactive previously announced that they would be going live as part of a year 2 reveal stream. Alongside the announcement of many new additions and improvements, it has also been confirmed that the complete HITMAN Trilogy is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

HITMAN 3 year 2 – deemed the future of HITMAN 3 – begins on the 20th of January 2022 and will bring with it a significant amount of new content – namely:

  • Elusive Target Arcade
  • HITMAN Freelancer
  • Technology Improvements
  • New Map. Codename: Rocky

HITMAN VR was previously made available exclusively on PlayStation VR however, as it is a last generation headset, both controls and visuals were in many ways negatively impacted. It coming to PC is therefore an exciting prospect.

Perhaps even more exciting. However, is the fact that in spring 2022 HITMAN 3 will be getting a single player roguelike game mode which “allows you to choose exactly what type of HITMAN you are (or want Agent 47 to be!). As you progress through Freelancer, more areas of the Safehouse can be unlocked and new customisation options will become available.”

Adding a new map to the game, ray tracing; DLSS and more means that HITMAN's second year will be its best yet – especially as all three of these games are coming to Xbox Game Pass on the 20th of January. Unique for HITMAN, also, is the ability to play all three games within HITMAN 3, meaning that players will have a great deal of content which they can go through.

Of course it is worth noting that Game Pass players may not get to experience some of these updates – namely, the new map and the ray tracing improvements as both of these features are said to be coming later in the year – and titles on Xbox game pass do not stick around forever. Even so, this announcement is exciting. Hopefully HITMAN 3's second year is as good as IOI has made it appear to be.

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