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Ubisoft reportedly working on a new third-person IP

Ubisoft is one of the most successful gaming companies in the industry. Despite this, the publisher has struggled to create an enticing new IP in quite a few years – with many of their most successful games being of the ‘Tom Clancy’ variety. Despite this, Ubisoft is trying to come with a winning new IP, with their latest attempt being called ‘Pathfinder’.

This leak comes from reputable insider Tom Henderson and exputer.com and claims that Ubisoft is working on a brand new IP said to be a third-person shooter battle royale-like game which – according to Henderson – will see teams of four “drop into the map and find their path towards the center to fight the main AI boss.”

Continuing, Henderson said “Players need to navigate their way through two walls (an outer wall and an inner wall) that have a series of gates around them that can be breachable. The catch? Different gates are breachable or locked every single game, making each game different in terms of the path you need to navigate.”

This PvPvE concept sounds not too dissimilar to a hybrid between a typical battle royale game like Apex Legends while also offering the leveling up and zoning systems of a MOBA such as League of Legends or Smite.

The visuals shared so far show an artstyle similar to Fortnite’s – as well as Ubisoft’s soon-to-be deceased Hyper Scape. That being said, the concept shared by Henderson seems unique enough to draw an early audience. Hopefully Pathfinder ultimately fares better than Hyper Scape.

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