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Unreal Engine 5 to get updated showcase tomorrow

Many casual fans and tech enthusiasts alike were left surprised when Epic Games showed off Unreal Engine 5 for the first time last year. Just over a year after its blowout showcase, Epic Games is back with another look at the impressive technology of the next Unreal Engine, with a showcase set to go live tomorrow.

Making the announcement, Epic Games said “In May 2020, Epic Games provided a first look at Unreal Engine 5 through ‘Lumen in the Land of Nanite,’ a real-time demo running live on PlayStation 5. Prior to this, in January 2020, we went behind the scenes with the team at Epic to discover the inspiration for Nanite, a virtualized micropolygon geometry system that will enable you to create games with massive amounts of geometric detail.”

With that, they revealed that fans and developers alike can take a new look at the upcoming engine tomorrow, when the next Unreal Engine 5 showcase goes live on YouTube at 3pm UK time.

The initial reveal of Unreal Engine 5 universally impressed viewers last year with its showcase of incredibly detailed models, dynamic lighting and more. As we inch closer to the release of the first Unreal Engine 5-developed title, it is interesting to see what Epic Games has planned one year after the first look – and whether they can wow viewers a second time.

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KitGuru says: What did you think of the first Unreal Engine 5 showcase? Were you impressed? How long do you think it will be before the first UE5 game launches? Let us know down below.

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