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Upcoming PS5 software update to add SSD support, 3D audio on TVs, Trophy tracking and more

While the PS5 is a powerful console with many worthwhile exclusive titles, the software experience of the machine has been somewhat lackluster, with many promised features not yet being enabled. Finally, it has been confirmed that the next major system update will bring with it SSD support, 3D audio for speakers and more.

Sony recently released a new major update for those running beta software on their PS5. The list of new features is extensive to say the least, but some of the biggest additions and updates include:

  • You can now insert an M.2 SSD to your PS5’s expansion slot and use M.2 SSD storage. Just like your PS5’s console storage, you can install PS5 and PS4 games in M2 SSD storage and play them directly from there
  • You can now enjoy 3D audio through your TV speakers
  • If you have different platform versions of the same game installed, they’ll now appear separately on your home screen.
  • Different versions of a game are now easier to spot. Icons are displayed to indicate the specific platform, such as PS5 or PS4.
  • You can now track up to five trophies per game in the control center using the trophy tracker
  • You can now customize your control center more freely. All the controls at the bottom of the screen can be rearranged
  • We’ve improved the game audio quality of some games when 3D audio for headphones is enabled

These merely represent the tip of the iceberg, as Sony has added dozens of additions and changes with this upcoming software. Be it new features, quality-of-life changes, or accessibility improvements, this upcoming software update will make navigating the PS5 that much better. The full list of changes can be found HERE.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the update? Are you excited by any of the changes? What do you think is still missing from the software? Let us know down below.

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