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You can finally wishlist games on the PlayStation 5

While many lamented the fact that the Epic Games Store failed to launch with a wishlist feature, the PlayStation Store has never had one on console despite launching back in 2006. This will finally change with the PlayStation 5 however, as it has now been confirmed that players will be able to wishlist games they want to play, saving them for a later time, thanks to the power of Sony’s next-generation console.

As reported by PushSquare, the PlayStation 5 finally adds a wishlisting function. This new feature comes as part of a wider revamping of the PlayStation Store on PS5. While you had to launch the PlayStation Store as part of a separate app on the PS4, Sony’s online storefront is now built directly into the system software, making for a much more seamless experience.

According to PushSquare, players can wishlist not only games, but DLC too. Furthermore, “you’ll receive updates and notifications about them over time,” with the publication believing that this will serve to have you “be alerted if, for example, any of the titles on your Wishlist go on sale.”

(Image Source: PushSquare)

While previous PlayStation consoles did not have a wishlisting feature, the web store did. It was rather archaic however, with issues arriving if too many titles were added, among other problems. Sony recently removed the feature from the web store. This now makes sense, as it would appear this new wishlist feature has been reworked completely.

With wishlists finally coming to PlayStation after so long, hopefully players won’t have to wait until the PlayStation 6 to be able to gift games to others.

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