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You can play Ghost of Tsushima in a black & white “Samurai Cinema” mode

There is little doubt that Ghost of Tsushima is set to be one of 2020’s biggest games. The stealth-action open world PlayStation exclusive recently received an 18-minute deep dive State of Play, where a number of interesting details about Sucker Punch’s ambitious and immersive new IP were revealed – including the fact that you can play the entire game in black and white.

Last night PlayStation hosted a State of Play, an online gameplay showcase focused exclusively on Ghost of Tsushima. The open-world samurai title, which was first revealed at Paris Games Week 2017, has until now remained relatively mysterious. Set to release on the 17th of July, the State of Play showed off the game’s exploration, combat and customisation, among other exciting features.

One of the most notable details revolves around the way in which the player character will traverse the open world. Unlike most open-world titles, which feature heavy use of a mini-map, Ghost of Tsushima will buck the trend in favour of immersion. Players who need a bit of guidance with where to go next can summon a gust of wind which will move in the direction of the current objective. Furthermore, wild animals such as birds and foxes will lead the character to secret locations and points of significance.

Combat-wise, players will be able to adopt the main character – Jin’s – two sides, that of the Ghost and that of the Samurai. Each of these styles will vary the combat greatly, with the Ghost style focusing on stealth, and the way of the Samurai lending to more direct combat with enemies.

Sucker Punch is leaning heavily into RPG mechanics with Ghost of Tsushima. Players can find and equip ‘charms’ which will affect Jin’s stats and offer gameplay alterations. Furthemore, players can mix and match armour pieces, which will offer customisability both in terms of stats and looks.

In other details, Sucker Punch showed off the game’s photo mode, which will offer an in depth number of toggles allowing for players to tweak images and clips in the exact way that they wish. There is no default voice option either, as prior to the game starting, players will be offered the choice to play Ghost of Tsushima with either English or Japanese voices (with English subtitles).

Finally, the studio showed off the game’s ‘Samurai Cinema mode’. In this mode, the entire game shifts to a black and white filter, with added film grain and other post effects, lending the visuals to take on the stylings of classic Japanese samurai films. For players who wish to up the immersion to 11, Samurai Cinema mode will certainly satisfy.

The full 18-minute long State of Play can be found HERE. Ghost of Tsushima will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on the 17th of July 2020.

KitGuru says: What did you think of the State of Play? Are you excited for Ghost of Tsushima? Will you play the game in English or Japanese, and will you give the Samurai Cinema mode a try? Let us know down below.

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