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Zombie Army 4 gets 120fps support on Xbox Series X – but not PS5 

As we navigate through the first year of the new generation of consoles, developers are continuing to update their back catalogue of titles to include enhanced support for these new systems. The latest game to receive such support is the Sniper Elite spin-off Zombie Army 4: Dead War – though as you will soon discover, not all systems are equal.

Making the announcement, Rebellion revealed that all three new-gen systems will receive enhancements of some kind – though each one to a different degree. At the lowest end, the Xbox Series S will receive its update on the 8th of April, adding a dynamic 1080p and 60fps gameplay while reducing load times. The PlayStation 5 meanwhile (the update of which is currently live) will see resolution boosted to a dynamic 4K at 60fps, alongside reduced load times. Last but certainly not least, the Xbox Series X will offer multiple graphics modes: dynamic 4K at 60fps, or dynamic 1080p at 120fps (both with reduced load times).

Zombie Army 4 isn't the first game to see a 120fps mode exclusive to Xbox. Rocket League, and Call of Duty Warzone (to name a few) also only offer 120fps on Xbox. The reason for this is due to these patches being fundamentally still previous-gen versions. Unlike Xbox, PlayStation requires a bespoke and native PS5 app to be created in order for the system to recognise and support 120fps.

While perhaps disappointing for PlayStation 5 players, the upgrades coming to Zombie Army 4 are still welcome – especially for free. With Zombie Army 4 coming to both PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, now is as good a time as any to jump into the series.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Zombie Army 4? Is 120fps a big deal in your opinion? Do you think Sony has been handling backwards compatibility well? Let us know down below.

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