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Gigabyte X570S motherboard spotted, could be linked to Zen 3 refresh

Gigabyte has listed eight new X570S motherboards on the EEC database. According to some sources, this new chipset is linked to the rumoured Zen 3+ refresh, although others claim that this is just a more efficient fanless version of the X570 chipset. 

According to a report from VideoCardz, the Gigabyte X570S motherboards are launching in preparation for new Zen 3+ refresh processors, codenamed “Warhol”. However, it is worth noting that Moore's Law is Dead has disputed this, claiming that this is just a more efficient X570 chipset, with the “S” standing for “Silent”, indicating no fans on the motherboard itself.

Either way though, new motherboards are on the way. Gigabyte filed two listings on the EEC database, the first one includes the X570S Aorus Master, X570S Aorus Elite AX, X570S Aorus Pro AX, X570S Aero G, and X570SI Aorus Pro AX motherboards. The second listing finishes off the list with the X570S Aorus Elite, X570S Gaming X, and X570S UD motherboards. Additionally, the Z390 UD V2 was also in the last entry.

Whether or not these motherboards are linked to a Zen 3+ launch is still up in the air, as there is not much information available yet. If these processors do get launched, they will offer slight performance improvements over Ryzen 5000,

Despite all of this, the Zen 3+ processors are still a possibility. There is not much information about them, but if they get released, we expect they will offer a slight performance improvement over the Ryzen 5000 CPUs.

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KitGuru says: Do you think we will see AMD release a refresh of the Ryzen 5000 processors? Hopefully we'll have more information on this soon. 

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