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Microsoft rushes out Win10 update to fix broken Internet connections

Microsoft has pushed out a few questionable Windows 10 updates over the last year or so and this week, another one was added to the list as some Windows 10 users found themselves unable to connect to the internet or a local network. A recent automatic update for Windows seemed to break the Dynamic Host Configuration protocol (DHCP), meaning Windows 10 could not acquire an IP address from the network automatically.

Several ISPs in the UK and across Europe confirmed that Windows 10 was causing connectivity issues. Right now, all signs seem to point towards update KB3201845 being the main culprit here. Fortunately, Microsoft appears to have narrowed down what's causing the trouble and is rushing out a new update to try and fix things.


Microsoft hasn't offered much of a public acknowledgement of this borked update but a spokesperson has confirmed that the company is aware that some users are having trouble with internet connections. As you can see from the patch notes for ‘Update KB3206632', this update fixes a problem with the Connected Devices Platform Service, which prevented Windows 10 from grabbing an IP address. This should hopefully start fixing the issues for most, though some users are still reporting connection problems.

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KitGuru Says: Given that there has been several dodgy Windows 10 updates pushed out at this point, it might be time for Microsoft to reconsider its approach to testing going forward. Have any of you encountered issues with Windows 10 recently?

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