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The Windows 10 April Update will be available on Monday

While the next feature update for Windows 10 was originally expected to arrive much earlier this month, some last minute bugs caused Microsoft to delay its roll out. The Windows 10 April update, formerly known as the ‘Spring Creators Update', will now be available to download on Monday, but it won't start broadly rolling out until the second week of May.

The Windows 10 April update will be available to manually download and install on the 30th of April, the last day of the month so that the name still makes sense. It will begin automatically downloading onto PCs a little later, on the 8th of May as part of Patch Tuesday.

Aside from some fluent design changes, the Windows 10 April Update brings one other major feature called ‘Timeline'. This will allow users to load up apps across devices and pick things up where they left off. You'll also be able to sync up browsing history with iOS or Android devices.

There will be another Windows 10 feature update later this year, currently known as ‘Redstone 5'. Microsoft is reportedly planning a ‘Windows 10 Lean Edition' to rollout alongside this update, which will cut the OS down to the bare essentials in order to make it installable on low-end devices with low amounts of storage.

KitGuru Says: There have been problems with various Windows feature updates in the past, so delaying the rollout for this one was probably a good idea.

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