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Windows Blue, the true successor to Windows 7?

Microsoft have acknowledged the existence of Windows Blue, the operating system they hope will win the hearts and minds of the enthusiast audience.

Microsoft’s vice president of corporate communications Frank X has made a mention of Windows Blue. He wrote in a March 26th blog post “With a remarkable foundation of products in market and a clear view of how we will evolve the company, product leaders across Microsoft are working together on plans to advance our devices and services, a set of plans referred to internally as ‘Blue.”

The codename Blue is likely to change however over the coming months. He said the chances of the OS retaining the name Blue were ‘slim to none’.

It would be fair to say that a large percentage of the enthusiast audience have not warmed to Windows 8, so the success of Blue will be a key strategy for the company over the coming months during development. It is too early to comment on whether Microsoft will adjust the Windows 8 interface to address concerns the community have voiced, but we hope Microsoft listen and adapt their upcoming strategy over the coming years.

Frank X also mentioned the success of Windows Phone in recent months, he said in the blog post “Windows Phone has reached 10 percent market share in a number of countries, and according to IDC’s latest report, has shipped more than Blackberry in 26 markets and more than iPhone in seven.”

He was also keen to update people on the busy update schedule Microsoft have incorporated. He said “Our customers have already experienced the ongoing rhythm of updates and innovations over the past six months including new devices, new apps and services, better performance and new capabilities. This continuous development cycle is the new normal across Microsoft – we’ll tune everyday experiences as well as introduce bold, connected and exciting new scenarios. Our product groups are also taking a unified planning approach so people get what they want – all of their devices, apps and services working together wherever they are and for whatever they are doing. ”

Kitguru says: Windows Blue, the new Windows 7?

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  • rocky1234

    Unless they give the option for users to have the start menu in desktop mode it will not replace Windows 7 for the common user. I how ever am on Windows 8 on my laptop as I type this & once I added a very good Start menu replacement Windows 8 is actually a good OS but without a start menu it is very useless for a desktop system without a touch screen. I find that Windows 8 does boot in about 7 seconds & shuts down even faster as well as it feels faster on my laptop than Windows 7 did.

    Like I said once I installed start is back I would say Windows 8 is a good OS so lets hope Microsoft does indeed listen to what people are saying & what they want & release the next Windows with features that people actully want.