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Microsoft preview Windows 8 – new interface design

Windows 8 demonstrated the next version of their operating system at the All Things D conference on a prototype touch screen tablet, as well as a few laptop systems with a mouse and keyboard attached. Many people are saying that it looks a lot like Windows Phone 7.

The interface has been streamlined, with a clear focus to make it easier to use on mobile systems and upcoming tablet designs. The touch interface is formed around adjustable ‘live tiles’ in the same fashion as current Microsoft based smartphones. The new start screen replaces the start button, taskbar and tiles that until now has been a central point for Microsoft. The good news is that if you open a program by touching a desktop icon, it opens into a familar styled window.

Windows 8 receives many code changes with a new series of tools and services that developers can use to help with coding. The upcoming Windows 8 is fully backwards compatible and will run all programs designed for Windows 7, according to Steven Sinofsky, the president of Windows and Windows Live Division. Windows 8 however might not be the retail name, but it is the ‘work in progress’ name that everyone is using at this point.

There are no release dates mentioned yet, and Sinofsky was sure not to drop any hints, saying that they were focusing entirely on getting the build completed as soon as possible, while ensuring this is the best operating system they have released to date. There will be more information on the release date hopefully at the developers conference in the next quarter.

Microsoft also will make sure that Windows 8 will be the most secure and stable platform yet, but when asked by Walt Mossberg about security Sinofsky said “I think it always will be a good idea to run security software.” Probably aware of the recent Macintosh ‘MacDefender’ scandal to rock OSx.

KitGuru says: Windows 8, will it be significantly better than 7? We will have to wait and see.

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