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Windows 7 sales hit 240,000,000 – breaks records

Microsoft have announced that over 240 million copies of Windows 7 have been sold since releasing the operating system over a year ago. This is now officially the fastest selling OS in their history.

Vista was never warmly received, although at KitGuru we think some of the uneducated press damaged the platform beyond repair when it was in fact, a pretty good platform. Windows 7 has healed Microsoft’s standing with their customer base as people adopt the OS faster than anything else before it. Windows 7 actually accounts now for 17.1% of the global OS market, which is a staggering percentage.

Since Windows 7 was released the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Index has increased from 70 to 76, while other software makers as a group scored 77.

How can we forget this video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ?

Windows 7 and Office suits drove a 48 percent increase in profits year over year and a 22% jump in revenue. The next market Microsoft need to drive is the mobile sector, which is proving rather difficult.

KitGuru says: Windows 7 is a great operating system, but Vista was unfairly treated.

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