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WinAmp forums attacked, hacked and personal info leaked

AOL have suffered a rather embarassing security breach as the Winamp forums were attacked and email addresses and password details were stolen.

Winamp forums general manager Geno Yoham sent an email to all registered members of the community warning that his team had ‘quickly detected and blocked’ an attack on the forums, but unfortunately not before personal information, known to include email address and passwords were obtained by the unknown attacker.

“We have confirmed that this breach was isolated to the Winamp Forum – forums.winamp.com – site only,” Yoham confirms. “Other Winamp sites and products such as winamp.com, dev.winamp.com and the Winamp Desktop Media Player were not affected in any way. We recommend that you change that your password on the Winamp Forums. If you used your Winamp Forums password on any other web sites, we recommend that you change the password on those sites as well, particularly if you used the same username or email with that site.”

Yoham has said that new protection and security processes have been put in place to stop it from happening again. No details have yet been issued as to how the attack happened, or why it was successful.

KitGuru says: Are you a Winamp forum member? has your account been compromised?

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