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Nokia in turmoil, Google CEO offers partnership instead of Microsoft

In one of the highest profile stories in recent weeks, Nokia have joined forces with Microsoft with plans to use their Windows operating system on their new smartphones.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said that Nokia came very close in signing a deal with Google to develop Android handsets, but insists now that Nokia have made the ‘wrong choice’ by teaming up with Microsoft.

Schmidt told an audience at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Google had held ‘confidential negotiations with Nokia that were extensive’ before they went away and signed up with Microsoft instead.

Nokia have had to make radical changes to compete in today’s market and while Symbian was a popular operating system the people in charge of Nokia felt that a new move was needed to reclaim market share they were losing, rapidly. Some have said that new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is too friendly with Microsoft especially as he spent a portion of his career as a boss within the company.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt - wants to work with Nokia

Shares in Nokia however have dropped a staggering 20 percent since the deal with Microsoft was announced and the news has actually led to a revolt among their shareholders. A group of ex employees are calling themselves ‘Nokia Plan B’ and are intent on removing the new CEO, Stephen Elop, who used to a Microsoft chief himself.

Schmidt has been sitting in the sidelines waiting for a change of heart and says that the door is still open to Nokia should they wish to reconsider their plans.

“We would have loved that they had chosen Android, We would like them to adopt Android at some point in the future and that offer remains open. We think Android was a good choice for Nokia. We are sorry they made a different choice.” he said tactfully.

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