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MEGA launches encrypted MegaChat Skype challenger

Along with MEGA, the successor to MegaUpload, one of the tools that internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been keen to develop since the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013, was an encrypted chat service. Since it came to light that companies like Skype were working with the NSA and could be snooped on by other intelligence agencies as well, he saw it as paramount that an encrypted VOIP and chat service be created and now it's finally here; in beta at least.

It's called MegaChat and much like the service it wishes to take down, it offers video calling and file transfers, with plans to roll out the text chat and video conferencing functions soon. For the features that are available though, it's entirely encrypted, with users sending out their private key to one another in order to unlock files sent via the service.


A big feature of MegaChat when compared to other options, is that it's entirely browser based, requiring no downloads – though as TechCrunch points out, the browser extensions can offer better security.

All of this is in beta at the moment but is usable by anyone with a MEGA account. No doubt there are a few security holes with the encryption system, much like there were when MEGA first launched in the wake of MegaUpload's demise, but once again, Dotcom is keen for people to test it out and find any flaws in the system and is incentivising it with cash bounties for anyone that can find a problem with it.

If the service does provide solid encryption, it could certainly find a home among those that wish to avoid NSA overwatch. However, convincing the tens of millions of people that use Skype to switch over, could be a whole other kettle of fish.

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KitGuru Says: Who's interested in trying MegaChat out? I'm intrigued. It needs to have the chat function for me to switch over, but if I could talk with people without thinking someone might read what I'm saying and misconstrue it, that would be great. 

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