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Switzerland is cloud backup du jour in wake of PRISM

The US has been leading the way with regards to data backup and remote computing for some time now, but in the wake of recent allegations and revelations over the PRISM controversy, Switzerland has seen a big upsurge in people taking out cloud backup services with companies from its nationality.

Swiss banks have long been considered the final solution for those wanting to keep finances safe and private and now the cloud backup industry looks to grow there for the same reasons. According to one report from, PR Agency One, server rental firm, Artmotion has seen its revenue grow as much as 45 per cent since the PRISM scandal.

One of the major attractions for those looking to take out an account with a Swiss backup firm, is that the country’s EU status, means it isn’t bound by the same agreements to share data with other countries, like the US. Of course, for commercial cloud providers like Dropbox or AWS, this is not the case and has many users worried.

No US drones up here. Nothing but flag throwing… apparently.

And in reality, they probably should be, whether they have something to hide or just want their fundamental right to privacy. Likewise businesses with important corporate secrets, might be wise to think about where they store them.

Founder of Artmotion, Mateo Meier said while discussing the news: “Unlike the US or the rest of Europe, Switzerland offers many data security benefits. For instance, as the country is not a member of the EU, the only way to gain access to the data hosted within a Swiss Datacenter is if the company receives an official court order proving guilt or liability. This procedure applies to all countries requesting any information from a Swiss data center and unlike in the EU there is no special law for the US.”

KitGuru Says: So what about it guys? Are you considering moving your cloud backup to Switzerland?

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