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Another arrest made in connection to TalkTalk hack

Arrests are still being made as the police continue to investigate exactly what went down in the TalkTalk hack, which saw customer details accessed, presumably to then be used as part of a mass phishing scam or sold on to others. The fifth arrest was made this week in connection to the hack, though this one is a little different.

An eighteen year old from Wales was arrested this time and charged with suspicion of blackmail, while the other four people arrested were all taken in under the Computer Misuse Act, according to a report from The Register.


We did hear about a ransom demand levied at TalkTalk, so this arrest could be in connection to that. The hack itself was initially believed to have affected over a million of the ISPs customers, though after some further investigation it was revealed that 157,000 customers had their details taken, which is still a lot, but not quite as bad as anticipated.

All customers that were affected by the attack should have been contacted by TalkTalk at this point in order to discuss options. That said, there has been a few reports suggesting that TalkTalk would not be letting affected customers out of their contracts following the hack, so some customers may be stuck with the ISP for the time being.

KitGuru Says: I know a couple of our readers use TalkTalk and weren't too pleased by their security when the hack went down. Do you think TalkTalk should allow those affected to leave their contracts without penalty after this? Honestly, I wouldn't blame anyone affected by this for losing faith in the company's security. 

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