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PS4 sales hit 30 million units worldwide

Sony is continuing its on-going dominance in the console market, as the PlayStation 4 has hit the 30 million sales mark just two years after its initial launch. Sony revealed its latest milestone earlier today, which “demonstrates the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history”. If things continue to grow at this rate, the PS4 may end up rivalling the PS2, which broke a few all-time records.

The PS2 managed to shift 155 million units during its twelve long years on sale, while the PlayStation 3 sold over 80 million units since 2006. Judging by those figures, it would seem that the PS4 has seen rapid growth in comparison.


Andrew House, one of the heads over at PlayStation thanked the fans too: “We are sincerely grateful that gamers across the globe have continued to choose PS4 as the best place to play since launch two years ago. We are committed to bringing engaging games and entertainment services to users worldwide. Thanks to the support of our partners, PS4 continues to be the premier platform for game and interactive entertainment innovation.”

While the new generation consoles might not be as powerful as a modest gaming PC today, given the amount of customers, we will undoubtedly see developers and publishers continue to support the PS4 for years to come.

KitGuru Says: The PS4 has managed to sell quite a few units in just two years. I must admit, even I'm a little tempted to get one for Bloodborne, Infamous and Until Dawn, though I don't have much time to spread across multi-platform gaming these days. Have any of you bought a PS4? Are you thinking about getting a console to go alongside your PC? 

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