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FireFox 4 best browser on the planet?

The final version of Firefox 4 has been released today and is being hailed by many as the best browser on the market today. Users can snag the upgraded software in 75 languages from www.firefox.com. There are versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The new browser was announced in the Mozilla blog in a post called “Mozilla Launches Firefox 4 and Delivers a Fast, Sleek and Customizable Browsing Experience to More Than 400 Million Users Worldwide.”

The Firefox browser has been the main rival for Internet Explorer and caused the Microsoft team to revamp their code in the attempt to keep market control. It hasn't really worked out as Microsoft planned, as Firefox popularity continues to grow on a weekly basis. The interesting thing is that Firefox 4 actually supports Windows XP, when Internet Explorer 9 shuns the older operating code.

Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla, said “Mozilla is very proud of Firefox 4, created by our community of thousands of volunteers worldwide. It truly is the browser for tomorrow's Web. The Internet has become the most important connection mechanism in our society, which is why we've focused on making users' Web experience as fast, modern, safe and intuitive as possible.”

Mozilla are pushing code out daily for Firefox and after only two weeks in a Release Candidate form, the final version has been released. Over 400 million users are waiting for the upgrade.

Microsoft are quick to comment on their progress “A browser is only as good as the operating system it runs on and a browser running on a ten-year-old operating system tethers the Web to the past. The time has come to stop focusing on lowest common denominator, and to really push what's possible with innovations like full hardware acceleration.”

KitGuru says: Firefox 4 your favourite browser, or do you prefer the competition?

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