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Google+ to be used as a teaching aid?

We have reported before that Google are working hard to target the social networking sector. Previous failed attempts such as Google Wave and Buzz seem to be fueling their efforts to ramp up their efforts. College professors are apparently looking into ways of using Google+ as a student learning tool, both in and out of the classroom.

The Christian Post have an interesting news piece on the subject in which they debate the potential benefits of using Circles as a central point for multiple user debate. Circles is a software tool which will allow up to 10 people the opportunity to speak directly to each other in groups. Circles could be created for study groups, with different subset of teams able to communicate directly. The professor or teacher could intervene during working hours.

While obviously this sounds like a ‘classroom’, there are potential benefits to this system which would allows users in multiple locations, direct access to each other, and the professor.

Professor Jeremy Littau – who works in the Lehigh Univeristy in Bethlehem, has already spoken out about this on his blog.

He said “As a teaching tool, [Google+] intrigues me. I’m already planning on holding Hangout office hours this fall for students, where they can get on and ask questions about class material. And because it’s multi-user, others can hang out in the lounge and listen. Sometimes I go over the same stuff with multiple students in multiple meetings; this could streamline that process.”

Kitguru says: Are Google onto something that Facebook and Twitter haven’t yet targeted? it appears that this new software suite will have many uses.

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