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Facebook to release a ‘gmail killer’

Facebook are reportedly going to release a messaging system which will rival Google's Gmail. The social networking giant who already have over 500 million users are going to host a special event in San Francisco on Monday.

Facebook will apparently announce their own email address system @facebook.com and perhaps even a gmail style web interface for their users. This will heat up the competition between Facebook and Google.

Google recently banned Facebook from importing user email contact, a move they made because Facebook refused to allow the export of contact and friend data from within user profiles. Facebook then enabled a workaround that let their users save Google contacts to their computers before importing them into Facebook.

Facebook ceo: Mark-zuckerberg

This project is codenamed Project Titan and it set to be a Gmail killer. Facebook have yet to release any information on this and will brief the press on Monday at 6pm today (GMT).

Jesus Diaz of technology blog Gizmodo said that while Google had the most to be concerned about, other e-mail providers would also be worried.

“If I were Google, Yahoo or Hotmail, I'd be very nervous,” he told the BBC.

KitGuru says: Will this be worrying Google?

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