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Sapphire HD6850 Toxic Edition Review

Rating: 9.0.

AMD’s HD6850 series was released to a warm public reception, combining great performance, low power drain and very competitive pricing. KitGuru recently reviewed the XFX HD6850 Black Edition and today we are looking at Sapphire’s overclocked competitor- the HD6850 Toxic Edition.

Core clock : 820MHz
Memory clock : 4.4GHz
Stream Processors : 960
Output config : DP+HDMI+DUAL DVI(1x DVI-I, 1x DVI-D)
External power : 2x 6pins
Cross fire connection : 1x

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  • Raymond

    excellent, another good HD6850 ! spoilt for choice in this sector lately. Still not sure whether to get a GTX460 or one of these around 170 quid.

  • Tim

    I agree, that manually these can be adjusted easy enough, but I like sapphires take on this, to keep the noise down and fan lower than others. while relying on the cooler to keep the temps around 70c. interesting to see the picture of the fan only at 36% when furmark loaded. around 50-60% that would drop 10c. two different ideas from XFX and Sapphire, both work.

  • Garth

    Sapphire and XFX really are in a head to head right now. I think the XFX looks nicer and I like their fan also. Either would do me, but ill probably get a HIS HD5870 Turbo.

  • Terry

    Interesting to see they have opted for the full sized cooler to expell air out the back of the case. sometimes i dislike thes models as they dont do that,. I dont want hot air in my case.

  • Luke Riley

    Been waiting on this a while, will be curious to see if the price meets your expectations howver as I think it will be more than 20 more.

  • Trev

    love these mid range boards. still not sure they are better than some of the GTX460’s you review here. like the evga GTX460 FTW or the MSI talon attack. but good regardless.

  • Sam

    Excellent overclocking capabilities on these boards. I need a new monitor however. thankfully 1080p models are cheaper now.

  • Joseph

    Ideal really for 1080p gaming. if the price is right.

  • Lucifers armpit

    when is it for sale? any ideas?

  • Larry

    urghhh not another product not listed anywhere for sale 🙁

  • Fluffychicken

    I like Sapphire products, always built well and they have good cover for support which is important. always why I never buy powercolor or one of the far eastern makes,

  • tornligmaents

    Dont like this as much as the XFX board, the styling isnt as good. XFX board looks sexy.

  • Rufus

    My brother wants to buy two 6850s for the new year. wonder how much moer expensive these will be compared to reference design.

  • Harrison

    Great finding this site today, what a wealth of fantastic reviews! im a GTX460 man however, as I hate AMD drivers and support. nice product tho.

  • @Larry you can pick them up from RebelGadgets as they have them available on their site 😉