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It looks like the OnePlus 6 will also house the iPhone X-style notch

Asus revealed yesterday that it would be continuing the notched trend set by Apple’s iPhone X within its new Zenfone 5 and 5Z, claiming that it’s what users want. Just hours later, images began circulating of an alleged OnePlus 6 handset, showing that the Chinese manufacturer would also potentially be following suit.

Although OnePlus has yet to officially reveal its OnePlus 6 flagship smartphone, ITHome managed to obtain two leaked pictures of the supposed handset, with the logo emblazoned on the back. As is the trend with handsets, the device features a bezel-less display as well as the infamous, yet apparently in-demand notch housing the front-facing camera and earpiece.

The display shown in the leak also reveals more information on what to expect from the upcoming device, which will reportedly run Android 8.1 with 6GB Ram and 64GB internal storage. Although this seems lacklustre in comparison to the company’s last release with the OnePlus 5T, given that the intermediary upgrade ran with 8GB RAM and double the internal storage, this is in line with previous reports which stated that there might be more than one model.

Image credit: ITHome

Alongside the variants in RAM and storage, we’d previously heard that the OnePlus 6 would feature a 6-inch QuadHD display with minimal bezels, correlating with the idea that the fingerprint censor would be moved to the rear, as seen on the leaked image above. It also seems that the manufacturer has opted to run with a glass chassis instead of the metal seen on the back of the OnePlus 5T.

So far, the only confirmed element of the tentatively titled OnePlus 6 is that the handset will pack Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 processor.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the successor to the OnePlus 5 and 5T is set to be revealed in “late Q2 2018” in an interview with CNET. Luckily for residents in the US, the company is making extra effort to talk with carriers to ensure a smoother release in the region.

KitGuru Says: Take this information with a pinch of salt, as so far nothing is confirmed aside from the successor’s processor. Hopefully the OnePlus 6 lives up to its predecessors in terms of price to performance ration in the ever-costly world of smartphones. Are you looking forward to the OnePlus 6? Does the prospect of a notch put you off?

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