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Pixel 3 XL hinted to adopt iPhone X-style notch, others to remain traditional

Although there are still a few months left until Google will officially unveil its line of Pixel 3 smartphones, rumours are beginning to shed light on what to expect. The latest leak suggests that Google will indeed be catering to the notch enthusiasts, as well as affording an option to those not so fond of the trend.

An image of screen protectors supposedly made for the tentatively titled Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have appeared on Weibo, via SlashLeaks, showing two vastly different styles of smartphone. The image has since been pulled from the site, suggesting that it might hold credibility.

Image: SlashLeaks

The first, allocated towards the smaller Pixel 3 device, shows that the smartphone will sport a traditional design, thinning its bezels at the side of the handset while retaining a complete top bar. The larger Pixel 3 XL device will be the first of Google’s line-up to adopt the iPhone X-style notch, which ties in well with Android P’s native support for the divisive feature.

The cutouts within the screen protectors suggest that both devices could house dual front-facing cameras, alongside an ambient light sensor. This could, however, be a cutout reserved for another type of sensor entirely.

It is believed that the reported third device in Google’s third generation Pixel line-up will also feature a traditional display, however, like all rumours, this has yet to be officially confirmed.

KitGuru Says: The mysterious third device has me interested, although I would speculate that it will be a mid-range variant with a lower entry barrier to that of other Pixel devices. Hopefully none of these handsets suffer like the diabolical launch of the Pixel 2 range.

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