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The first official image of the OnePlus 6 confirms the divisive notch.

It’s long been speculated that, like other upcoming Android smartphones, the OnePlus 6 would feature the divisive notch at the top of its display. Now that the first official image has been released, it has been confirmed that it will carry the notch, but not without some forethought towards the end user.

When Apple built upon Essential’s notch with its iPhone, the company introduced more screen real-estate, but this impeded on photos and videos. The pros, of course, outweighed the cons in that Apple was able to include its high-powered 3D sensor that enables its signature Face ID bio-metric security, but these concerns haven’t been ignored as OnePlus moves forward with the concept.

Image: OnePlus

OnePlus’ Carl Pei told The Verge that the notch will be smaller than that of its competitor, while bigger than the slither on the Essential phone. This is due to the lack of its own 3D sensors, but as Pei explained, the choice of all companies opting for the notch comes from the fact that each one can pack the ambient light sensors, the front-facing camera, the earpiece and in this case, an LED notification light.

The most interesting thing is Pei’s description on how the software will treat the new 19:9 aspect ratio. Firstly, the clock will be moved from the top bar to the left side of the screen. This gives the notification icons more room. Secondly, videos and photographs won’t suffer from the intrusion as the OnePlus 6 will disguise the notch, placing the media below it, mimicking the same curved edges seen on the bottom of the smartphone.

Perhaps enthusiasts just don’t realise the benefits just yet, as OnePlus observed the discontent within the crowd at the Mobile World Congress as notched device after notched device was unveiled. The company, however, insists that this is the most logical direction regardless of public opinion.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like the OnePlus 6 will take after the Oppo R15 after all, which is no surprise given that they are cousins from the same head company. Are you happy with the notch and how OnePlus is going about improving on user concerns?

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