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Sea of Thieves had two million players in its first week

Microsoft was very proud of its recorded player numbers for the Sea of Thieves beta test in February, but it looks like the final release raised the bar even more. Sea of Thieves released last Tuesday and over the course of week one, two million people played the game.

We know that here in the UK, Sea of Thieves managed to reach the top of retail sales charts. It seems that the game also sold quite well over seas too, though a large chunk of players were likely Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

So far, Sea of Thieves is Microsoft's “most successful IP of this generation”, according to Xbox exec, Aaron Greenberg. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't disclosed how many players got into the game through the Game Pass and who paid full price, but still, two million players in one week is very impressive.

Sea of Thieves is just the first big exclusive on Microsoft's roster for this year too. We've still got State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 coming up, with hopefully a couple more games set to follow after E3.

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KitGuru Says: Gathering up two million players in just one week is impressive, but I would be very interested in seeing how many jumped in on Game Pass. Aside from that, I'd also like to see how many of those players stick around. Have many of you tried out Sea of Thieves yet? 

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