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A new site lets you find Android games free of in-app purchases

It can be hard to find a game for your phone or tablet that doesn’t feature micro-transactions these days, the IOS app store does give you clear warning but its usually harder to tell on Google Play without downloading and finding out for yourself. Fortunately, Honest Android Games has arrived to help you find games free of in-app purchases, micro transactions and freemium based games.

The website files games in to different categories allowing users to find games that are free but may be advert supported, games that give you the option to make a one off payment to get rid of ads and finally- full, paid for games. The website also gives you a little break down of what features the game includes such as full screen mode, gamepad support and Google Play services, multiplayer and game genre.

Honest Android Games

Because the site is new, there are a lot of games out there that might not be listed yet,If you are looking for free android poker apps, as a result, the site’s creator is open to email suggestions but the criteria is pretty strict and concise: “For your game to be considered please make sure the game is aesthetically pleasing and controls well on a touchscreen (no ports that were originally designed to be played with controllers),games must also support proper full screen scaling (no letterboxing) and HD graphics for tablets.”

KitGuru Says: A good idea, a lot of gamers are getting pretty sick of the free to play, micro-transaction infested business model that some game creators and publishers have become so fond of. Being able to completely avoid those games will be a breath of fresh air. 

Source: Cnet

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