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Apple experimenting with solar and kinetic charging for iWatch

Apple’s long rumoured iWatch could feature solar-powered, wireless or even kinetic based charging if a report from The New York Times is to be believed. Early last year The Verge reported that Apple was apparently having trouble with battery life on the upcoming wearable device, so it is possible that the company has been forced to get creative with charging and battery technology.

According to the Times’ source, Apple is thinking about putting a solar charging layer underneath the iWatch screen in order to top up battery life throughout the day while outside, that said, this kind of technology could be years away. Apple’s wearable could also feature a curved glass display, one anonymous source said that the iWatch may feature wireless charging, a feature the company has yet to include on any of its devices to date. Apple’s Senior marketing VP, Phil Schiller, has doubted the usefulness of wireless charging in the past: “Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” he told All Things D at the iPhone 5 launch.


Apple has hired battery engineers from the likes of Toyota and Tesla in the past, the company also has various battery related patents at its disposal such as, flexible batteries as well as tiny components that generate kinetic energy from external movement.

KitGuru Says: I’m rarely in a position where I can’t glance at my phone for notifications or quick access to information so I’m a little lost on the whole ‘wearable tech’ concept, what do you guys think of wearables?

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