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Australian police describe Apple Maps as “potentially life threatening”

It shouldn’t be news to you that Apple Maps was a mess upon its launch a couple of months ago, nor should it surprise you that the Apple Maps director was shown the door last week. However, Victorian Police are now warning users to avoid Apple Maps as there have been cases where some unlucky motorists have been stranded in the Australian outback without food or water for up to 48 hours.

More worrying news for Tim Cook.

A press release has revealed that tests of Apples mapping software has shown that the city of Mildura is located in the centre of Murray Sunset National Park; some 70 kilometres away from its actual location. The statement from Victoria Police goes onto say it is a “potentially life threatening situation” as there is no water supply within the National Park and temperatures can reach 46 degrees Celsius.

KitGuru says: It’s one thing to cause a few laughs due to wonky roads and clouds but to endanger lives due to providing false mapping information is another thing entirely.

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