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Prepare for Facebook Ads on mobile applications

Earlier in the month Facebook filed for an initial public offering (IPO) and are looking to generate more revenue from its mobile applications and mobile version according to an online report.

Just under half of the of Facebook’s 845 million monthly active users browse Facebook from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and as such they are looking to capitalise on this lost opportunity. Starting from early March we will start to see advertisements in the social media giant’s mobile versions.

The first roll out of ads will reportedly be Sponsored Stories which launched on the desktop version of Facebook early in 2011. This is where advertisers pay Facebook to notify you if a friend does something on Facebook that includes some form of product endorsement. Examples of this could include checking in at McDonalds or making plans to have dinner at a local restaurant.

But all this asks the question, will users tolerate ads on smaller displays? On a desktop not even half of the screen is taken up by useful content when on a smartphone every square centimeter is already consumed by news posts.

Kitguru says: With smartphone sales starting to surpass the PC it comes as no surprise that companies will take advantage of the massive mobile advertising potential in the near future.

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