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Siri reckons the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever

Ever since Apple revealed the iPhone 4S late last year, the Siri personal companion service was, and still is arguably the flagship feature of the slightly tweaked iPhone 4. While many people use Siri for mundane things such as “where is the nearest cafe?” or “Siri, do you love me?” someone has decided to ask Siri what the best smartphone ever is. The answer? Nokia's Lumia 900 4G.

The thing is, while Siri would love to say that the iPhone is the greatest smartphone ever, Siri uses Wolfram Alpha, a knowledge database that is used when Siri doesn't know the answer herself. Plus it is not under the jurisdiction of Apple, meaning it is free to say whatever it feels like.

In the above screenshot the Lumia 900 is deemed the best smartphone ever by customer review average, and wait for it, is based off just five reviews or ratings. This didn't stop the Windows Phone social media team lapping it up, tweeting “we have to admit, occasionally, Siri knows what’s up.” Saying this though, Siri often returns different answers for the same question so you may get different answers. We don't think any European carriers would agree with Siri either.

KitGuru says: This makes me wonder what Samsung's S Voice will say when asked the same question, the Apple iPhone 4S perhaps?

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