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Apple take offense to Steve Jobs doll, threaten legal action

A few days ago we reported on the ultra realistic Steve Jobs doll which was due to go on sale in the coming months. Apple have gotten wind of the product and have taken offense, threatening legal action if the product is not removed.

The 12 inch figurine is an uncanny reproduction of the iconic Apple leader who died late last year. It is adorned with the trademark black turtleneck sweater, jeans and sneakers. Accessories are also supplied, including black socks, a leather belt, two apples and a bar stool. They also give a spare pair of hands with a different gesture. It was created by Chinese company In Icons and was due for release next month. Apple are not happy and have said they will sue the maker if they decide to go ahead with sales of the product.

Apple claim they own the rights to the likeness of Steve Jobs. According to several reports, Apple sent a letter to the Chinese company saying that any toy which resembles the company logo, persons name, or appearance or likeness of its products, is a criminal offense.

Kitguru says: The product already has gone on sale via ebay, so Apple may already be too late to stop all the dolls from reaching the homes of fanatics.

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