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Apple TV now $99 – new focus on rentals and streaming

Apple have announced a much smaller and cheaper version of the Apple TV set top box. This new release also heavily promotes the introduction of rentable TV shows, a move that many people have wanted to see from quite some time.

Honey I Shrunk the TV

The new Apple TV is smaller than a quarter of the size of the original and has no storage capabilities. Instead users can stream content from Apple's servers and content available to the box would be rent only. Customers can use built in Wi-Fi (wired and wireless) for Internet connectivity and the device can be connected through the TV via an HDMI port.

In the states Apple are offering big, new movie releases at $4.99 with a new TV rental option for 99 cents per episode. Apple have built in the option for the device to be controlled from iOS devices, such as the iPad or iPhone. This means you can start watching video content on the iPad then continue later via the Apple TV connected television.

The price of this device has dropped from $229 to $99 and the new unit design has been based on user feedback from AppleTV users who found the older device too big, too expensive and limited with rental options.

The only issue Apple have right now is that only Fox and ABC have signed up for TV rental content and Jobs is confident that this will improve shortly as other networks sense the monetary potential.

KitGuru says: Availability is due in around a months time, although you can start preordering straight away to ensure you get one of the first units off the production line.

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