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Apple warned Samsung about ‘copying’ in 2010

The Apple V Samsung battle continues, with the latest news this weekend coming from Boris Teksler, the director of patent licensing and strategy for Apple. He told the Federal court in San Jose, California that Apple made a presentation to Samsung in August 2010 warning them against copying the iPhone.

He said “We were quite shocked. They were a trusted partner of ours and we didn’t know how a trusted partner would build a product like that.”

Apple sued Samsung in April 2011. They are locked in battle right now over products in the smartphone sector, valued at around $219.1 billion.

Both companies are trying to sway jurors in the trial that the other company stole their ideas and patents.

While Teksler explained the situation in 2010 before the court, he said he wasn’t at the meeting, although the late Steve Jobs was at the helm.

Samsung’s lawyer Victoria Maroulis highlighted that the 2010 presentation “doesn’t say anywhere that Apple would not license its utility patents to Samsung?.”

Late last week a witness for Apple testified that 21 Samsung smartphones copied patented technology for ‘rubberbanding’, a term used for the iPad and iPhone screen when it ‘bounces’ as the user scrolls to the end of a file.

Apple claim that technology such as ‘repositioning and rightsizing’ (adjusting images in various ways on the tablet screen) are also infringed by more than 20 Samsung products.

Bloomberg Businessweek added “Apple is using market survey research to try to show the jury that Samsung has copied its devices so closely that a consumer seeing products made by the South Korean company would actually believe them to be made by Apple. Samsung is trying to demonstrate that there is little actual confusion among consumers between its and Apple’s products.”

Kitguru says: The battle shows no signs of slowing down.

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