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Disney president joins Apple board, buying $1 million of stock

Bob Iger, Disney President has joined the Apple board and has recently purchased just over $1 million of stock (2,670 shares) on the open market, according to a filing lodged with the SEC. The average purchase price of the shares is $375, making the purchase worth $1,001,250. Pocket change to an executive like Iger.

Bob Iger is clearly voting with his wallet, when it comes to faith in Apple as a company. When he was appointed a director, he was awarded 142 restricted stock units which vest into AAPL shared in February next year. His wife also holds 75 shares of Apple stock.

Disney chief, Bob Iger: A wealthy man

Apple board members are generally paid $50,000 each year in compensation for their time, plus an annual stock award in the shape of RSU’s.

Iger’s income as an Apple Director would be enough to live on, but his compensation package from Disney totaled more than $29.5 million in 2010.

Kitguru says: If you earn $30 million a year, please do let us know.

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