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Santa Claus uses Apple’s Siri – its official

Santa has had a busy month, preparing for a huge round of deliveries in the next week, but he has taken time out to appear in the new Apple advert featuring the personal SIRI assistant.

In the ad Santa asks “How do I get to Charlie Grant’s house?” – and Siri gives Santa the directions without a pause.

Directions aren’t enough for old Nick however, as he asks “Is it cold in Santa Fe tonight? Raleigh? Cleveland, tonight?” – and Siri faithfully gives the temperatures.

He then asks Siri to find the email lists with ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’.

Siri is clearly concerned about his weight however as it warns him to ‘go easy on the cookies’.

After he eats another round of cookies, and returns for the next step of his journey, he asks ‘How does the rest of my day look?’ and Siri responds ‘you have 3.7 billion appointments’.

The ad seems to going down well with the Apple faithful, especially after the negative news regarding the refusal to detail abortion clinics.

Kitguru says: Using Santa to sell iPhones? surely not !

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