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Sony V Apple in rush for ‘four screen’ release

The Wall Street Journal have issued a report after speaking with Sony CEO Howard Stringer. It would appear that Sony engineers are rushing to develop their own ‘four screen' strategy before Apple can get their own product to market.

Stringer said “There’s a tremendous amount of R&D going into a different kind of TV set” which is in regards to the TV, computer, tablet and phone sectors. Sony recently bought out Ericsson allowing them complete control over their smartphone product range.

Stringer added “A new model is what we’re all looking for. W can’t continue selling TV sets (the way we are). Every TV set we all make loses money.”

Both Apple and Sony appear to share the same strategy plans although Apple have a much stronger financial situation at the minute. Sony have spent over 1 billion euros buying out Ericsson's share of Sony Ericsson and they are hinting at a similar amount again, as a loss over the year.

Apple have had a very strong year, documenting record profits. They are said to be working on a Siri enabled television set which could use the new voice control system to bypass a traditional remote. According to reports, it looks certain to launch.

Stringer says that Apple should expect it to “take a long time to transition to a new form of television.” Adding that Sony are ready today. He says he has built a platform over the last five years so they can compete against Apple.

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