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Apple still unable to shake the ghost of Jobs

When Steve Jobs died, he left a legacy that would be difficult for any man to follow. His ruthlessness was matched by his creative vision. Many analysts have been wondering how Apple will stand after his ‘influence’ in the company is no longer evident. We may need to wait until several generations after however as stories have surfaced to indicate that Jobs was involved in iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 designs.

A former Apple liaison officer has leaked the information that Jobs was involved in design input on unlaunched key products prior to his death from cancer. Jobs died just days after the iPhone 4S was released to the public.

Steve Jobs
The gaunt frame of Steve Jobs before he died of pancreatic cancer. He still has influence over current Apple products and ill have, right up to the iPhone 6

Apple’s former government liaison Michael Foulkes reportedly announced that “the next two generation of iPhone have already been developed’ and that both handsets ‘preceded Tim Cook’.

Horace Dediu, a former Nokia employee spoke to the Guardian saying “having worked in a phone company, I think its a given that the phones were designed that far back. He added that ‘work underway now is for products shipping in 2016.’

Kitguru says: Steve Jobs, forever will be remembered for ruling over Apple when they were at their peak.

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