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Cloud computing on the cloud

As time goes on, we’re all becoming more familiar with the idea of the cloud as a real world thing. It isn’t, really, it’s a theory and a fancy buzzword for corporate big-wigs to use so they can look like they know what they’re talking about – but it has real world uses and they’re more understandable than ever. We use the “cloud” in our remote backup, with our remote computing, we use it for our VMware and our remote desktopping (great new verb I created today), but how often do you hear about cloud services, running cloud services? Apparently it’s more common than you’d think.

Amazon uses it, Rackspace uses it and so do many other companies. The idea behind it, is taking – for example – Rackspace’s OpenStack service software and running OpenStack, within OpenStack. This makes updating easier, and deployment a breeze.


Is the double cloud like a double rainbow?

“The art that software developers have perfected more than any other art is the art of decomposition,” says Chandler Carruth, a Google engineer who builds developer tools, in a chat with Wired. “They create these blocks — like LEGO building blocks — that you can build incredibly complex things out of, including the building blocks themselves. Of course you would run OpenStack on OpenStack. I’m sure, the first time someone did it, it seemed like such a new idea. But it just makes sense.”

OpenStack on OpenStack has become such a popular idea that it’s being bundled together in an open source project called TripleO and it already has a GitHub page.

KitGuru Says: The real question at this point, is when will OpenStack realise we’re OpenStacking it on OpenStack? Will it be mad?

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