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Wozniak’s old house goes on sale again

Think of Apple and you think immediately of Steve Jobs, however if it wasn’t for Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, the company would never have been in a starting position and history today would be very different.

Sadly being co-founder of Apple hasn’t helped Wozniak sell his old house, which is up again on the market this year, receiving another price cut.

His old home is based around a six bedroom, seven bathroom layout in Los Gatos in California. Wozniak built this in 1986 and it is now on sale again for $4.395 million.

(Credit: Redfin)

According to CNET – the house changed hands in 2009 after originally selling in 2004 for $4.75 million, again in March 2006 for $6.9 million and once more in February 2009 for $3.1 million. They say “Its current owners (who do not include Wozniak, and who got the lowest price on the house yet) last year tried to sell it for $5 million before dropping it down to $4.5 million.”

Inside, there is an indoor play area for kids, a Koi pond and a pool with a waterfall. There is even a firehouse pole between floors, if you are in a rush to get out and don’t want to use the stairs!

Kitguru says: Got a few million spare? pick up a bargain!

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