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Apple’s Group FaceTime brings yet another passcode bypass in iOS 12.1

The long-absent ability to make group calls finally came to FaceTime earlier this week, as Apple released its iOS 12.1 update. Unfortunately, the flagship feature has also brought the ability to sidestep lock screen security, reminiscent of the passcode bypass seen in iOS 12.

YouTube channel videosdebarraquito discovered the new bypass, showcasing how the new FaceTime Group feature can be used to circumvent security protocols. The trickery involved blocking on the front facing camera before activating Siri to call a contact. Once the call has been initiated, the ability to switch to FaceTime is highlighted. From there, it’s as easy as activating airplane mode.

The exploit is exclusive to iOS 12.1, however previous versions of the operating system have housed their own flaws. Despite this, the most recent method seems decidedly easier than anything that came before it.

Fortunately, direct access is still needed to gain access to the device, meaning the easiest way to combat it is to keep an eye on your handset at all times. Those that might have their smartphone pinched could find themselves in a spot of bother, though, as perpetrators have the ability to access user information and contacts.

Apple has yet to officially address the newest exploit, but it shouldn’t be too long before the firm pushes out a fix for its £1,000+ range of smartphones.

KitGuru Says: Apple’s lock screens have always been questionably built, with a long history of flaws and bypasses. Hopefully the next update quells this trend, but for now iPhone users should be mindful of their device. Have you experienced any security issues with your smartphone?

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