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Apple send ‘cease and desist’ order to Adult ‘App Store’

While Apple and Microsoft battle it out through legal channels over the trademark of ‘App Store’, Apple are current taking more legal action against MiKandi – an ‘adult app store’.

MiKandi have received a ‘cease and desist’ order from Apple, over the use of the term ‘App Store’, company co founder Jennifer McEwen said to CNET.

MiKandi co-founder Jesse Adams has said that Apple specifically asked the company to stop billing itself as the ‘worlds first app store for adults’, and to stop using the term ‘app store’ in describing its own free Android App.

MiKandi offer a variety of adult related applications, such as Pocket Hottie, Sex Positions Pro, Adult Friend Finder – all of these are downloaded through the free mobile app. From this users can download free applications or buy paid ones through a third party site that converts money into points to be redeemed at the store.

MiKandi believe the term’ app store’ its more a description, they have admitted they don’t have the legal finances to challenge Apple.

Apple are also suing Amazon over the use of ‘app store’, just as the retail store giant was launching their new AppStore for Android. This will be a more evenly matched legal battle however as Amazon aren’t likely to just roll over.

“There’s going to be a lot of battles going on between the app markets,” said MiKandi’s McEwen, “so we’ll let the giants hash this one out first.” Wise idea.

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