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Steve Jobs dies – aged 56

It's a sad day indeed. The most innovative genius the hardware market has ever seen, Steve Jobs, has died.

Jobs was originally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 and it's something that he has battled hard for 7 years.

From the time he and Steve Wozniak decided to sell multi-function remote controls and their first computer, from a garage in the US of A, Steve Jobs has exerted an increasingly powerful influence on the world's technology markets.

His unofficial biography highlighted the greatest second act in the history of business – comparing his time with Apple to his success with Pixar.

If you include Jobs' second stint with Apple, then it must be considered the greatest triple-act ever.

That he died the day after the launch of the iPhone 4s is coincidence, but it does mean that he's likely to have overseen more successful product launches than any of his peers.

It's hard to tell whether the logo or Steve Jobs is the more iconic symbol of the technology age

KitGuru says: It's a sad loss for everyone. Even Steve Jobs' bitterest opponents will admit that his fierce determination and opinionated positions meant that they had to raise their own game in order to survive. He will be missed.

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