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Apple CEO offers employees cut price hardware

As my colleague reported earlier today, Apple are being watched for the working conditions of their partner factories in China. On more positive news, new CEO Tim Cook is building employee moral by giving them some benefits. Cook said that employees will be getting $500 back on the purchase of a new Macintosh computer and $250 discounts on the purchase of a new iPad tablet.

This new scheme will start in June 2012, with certain rules in place to claim for the discount. Apple employees can only buy the hardware once every three years and have to be working for Apple for 90 days or more.

We would assume that this scheme only applies directly to Apple employees and not the people who build their products in China. As Business Insider reported a few weeks ago “And it’s also disconcerting to realize that the folks who make our iPhones and iPads not only don’t have iPhones and iPads (because they can’t afford them), but, in some cases, have never even seen them.”

Kitguru says: A good moral booster, but it won’t benefit the workers in China who build the gadgets.

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