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Apple hire JailBreakMe hacker

“If you can’t beat ’em join ’em” Or in this case ‘if you can’t beat em’ hire ’em. Yes, Famous iOS hacker Comex has tweeted online that he is taking up a new job position with Apple. The author of JailBreakMe has been releasing hacks for Apple users now for some time, allowing them to run modded software on their Apple devices.

There are no details on his day to day duties, but we would assume he might have to cancel his part in the JailBreakMe project.

This is potentially one of the smartest moves Apple have made in recent years and mirrors the policy of many anti virus companies, who try to hire trojan and virus creators in the efforts to use their skills ‘for good’. Kitguru also reported recently that Samsung went down a similar road, and hired CyangenMod creator Steve Kondik.

Kitguru says: these tactics are nothing new, and they tend to work very well.

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