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Apple iPad 2 waiting time improves

We normally get a handful of emails every week from readers asking if we have any good sources for picking up a new iPad 2, quickly. With UK waiting lists set to 2-3 weeks since it was launched, it has been a long wait for some people. Hopefully the situation is changing…

Apple store: credit Kitguru

We checked the Apple UK store this morning and the waiting time has dropped to only 3-5 days, which translates to a 50%-75% reduction in waiting time.

Waiting time UK store 18th July 2010

If you live in America the situation is even better as the waiting time is only 1-3 business days.

The popularity of the tablet has been a surprise, even for Apple, who have struggled to meet demand since it launched months ago.

Slashgear claim that the problems have been due to panel yields from LG Display. They claim: “Panel supplier LG Display was tipped to be experiencing lower than expected yields, at least of 9.7-inch screens that met with Apple’s exacting standards: rejected panels were believed to have shown more light leakage than the company permitted. Interestingly, tablet-producing rivals are said to have picked up the screens Apple rejected for their own models, in an attempt to work with the significantly constrained supply-chain.”

Other manufacturers accepting screens which fail to meet Apple’s quality control? We can only image Steve Jobs and his marketing team will be tickled pink to hear the news.

Kitguru says: Are you still iPad2 – less? No interest in one? you could always pick up a cheap and nasty tablet for a fraction of the price.

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