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iOS applications hacked to run full screen on Apple TV

Apple TV hasn’t captured the minds and hearts of the mainstream audience yet, but the latest news will certainly attract the attention of the enthusiast sector. Well known enthusiast Steven Troughton Smith hacked Siri to work on a wide range of Apple phones, and he has decided to turn some of his skills to a new TV hack.

He spoke to CNET and said “Nick had written this amazing window manager for the iPad that replaced the entire homescreen, allowing you to run multiple apps side by side, and I realized this could enable iOS apps on the AppleTV for the first time. We’ve spent the past 2 days modifying everything to work really well on the AppleTV screen size, etc, and getting apps to run.”

You can’t get the hack just yet, but there is a YouTube video showing it working. check it out below.

Kitguru says: Would this hack increase your interest in Apple TV?

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