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Sony cut prices of S Tablets

Sony may not prove popular with some of their customer base, as they are reducing the price of their Tablet S computer by $100 starting today. For those who paid full price a few weeks ago for Christmas it will be a bitter pill to swallow.

Sony sent out an email to some customers saying they have ‘permanently dropped the price of the Tablet S by $100, starting today’. This brings the price of the products to $399.99 for the 16GB model and $499.99 for the 32GB model.

Sony have updated their American store page to reflect the price changes by saying ‘$100 savings at your fingertips’, which is sure to entice an audience who have found them too expensive to date.

Sony have cut the prices of many of their accessories and their S and F series laptops have a price saving of up to $400 as well, if you are in the market for a new computer in 2012. Sadly their drool worthy Z series is still top dollar with no signs of savings so far, but we can always keep our fingers crossed. United Kingdom punters still have to pay £349.00 for the 16GB S Tablet, with the price rising to £429.00 for the 32GB model.

Kitguru says: Sony make quality products, but they aren’t known as a budget company. A $100 saving will prove popular in the US market.

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