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Amazon can Kindle brain development

The science of persuading people to buy a product, is both established and well understood. How you beat off an opponent that can afford as much of that marketing stuff as you can, is something else. Now, it seems, Amazon has science on its side. KitGuru prepares to generate some neural pathways.

Boffins working at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered that human brains actually weave written material into a complex tapestry of memory. The written word actually stimulate our brains to recall experiences, working the old noggin far harder than we might have thought.

This reading-induced synthesis actually creates new neural pathways of its own.

The Kindle Fire - taking the budget tablet sector by storm

This interweaving of our own experiences with the situations and, more importantly, characters found in a book – actually make us more empathic as people.

This tendency to an increase in empathy is in direct opposition to the dramatic fall in empathy that scientists are finding across developed Western cultures with a high degree of computer use.

The conclusion of this research seems clear. Downloading and reading books on a device like a Kindle, could actually help improve us as human beings. Apparently.

KitGuru says: We’re left wondering if all downloads are equal, so could a deluge of porn from Amazon also improve us, as a species? We’ll give Amazon a ping on this and see if they care to comment.

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